Pre-Release GreenReader Pro

Super excited to announce that GreenReader Pro is now available for pre-order for iOS on the app store.

** iOS release December 20th, 2019 **
** Android release February 20th, 2020 **

GreenReader Pro green reading applciation for mobile devices.

Originally I was developing this application as a tool for my own myself. I am a 13 handicapper and have been really working on my game over the past couple of years. I always felt like I could really grind my scores down if I could only read the greens a little better and become a better putter. Sometimes feeling like I had no idea which way this putt I faced was going to break.

Now that golf season in the pacific northwest has really wound down as the weather declines. I’ve focused my spent the past several weeks really working on developing and fine-tuning this mobile application. I have really seen a dramatic improvement in my putting as I developed and used the app in my own game.

How does it work?

GreenReader Pro uses the built-in high precision accelerometers in your mobile devices to measure and calculate the slope of the putting surface.

1) Determine the distance between the golf ball and hole and use the picker wheel, underneath the virtual golf ball to select.

2) Place the mobile device on the putting surface so that the top of the phone points towards and the bottom is in line with your golf ball.

3) Use the on-screen virtual golfball to angle your own golf ball

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